Our Mission

We strive to provide our most discriminating customers with premium quality, excellent customer service, and incredible selection.

Our Purpose

If you ask what Lionel Marquez's purpose is, you get a very candid and honest answer: “Our Purpose is to offer a great selection and grow the best plants possible; it’s as simple as that and this is our core strength. This is the reason why we exist. This is our foundation. The ability to stay ahead of trends, coupled with a source of supply that maintains customer sustainability is our sole purpose.”

Who We Are

Plant Solutions started 32 years ago out of necessity due to a void in our industry. The California Market was in definite need of a notable supplier from Florida that grew exceptional quality. With Lionel’s ability to pay attention to detail, and adhere to the ridged agricultural guidelines. Plant Solutions has evolved into the preeminent grower in South Florida that caters to the California market. Throughout the years we have earned this distinction and we continually improve on our primary values. Inevitably this is how Plant Solutions grew into what we are today.

Quality First

When you implement premium soil, the best fertilizers, and sterile growing conditions you are on the right course. This coupled with a staff certified to grow for California ultimately produces the epitome of quality in the foliage industry. Plant Solutions is a California-certified modified premier grower. We are one of a few nurseries nationwide to achieve this status. This acknowledges the fact that we have met the stringent growing guidelines in the foliage industry.

Our guarantee

  • Premium quality.
  • Customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and product knowledge.
  • Streamlined ordering. Customized one-on-one contact ensures personalized support and overall satisfaction.

Shipping Guarantees

We work with the finest carriers in the industry. Our logistics coordinator monitors the shipments from point of pickup to the final destination.
This is all possible due to the “Plant Solutions network” working with seasoned vendor partners that have proven themselves time after time. Unique to Plant Solutions, this sophisticated resource was designed by the Plant Solutions management team to streamline ordering, increase customer satisfaction, and provide you with peace of mind. Special requirements, hard-to-locate plants, and high-volume needs are seamlessly procured with our extensive network of quality resources.

This unique network also offers a way for you, the customer, to find the product you desire quickly and easily. It allows you to create a positive revenue stream to the bottom line, which saves you time and money. Ultimately this gives you more buying power over your purchase.

Our Team

Lionel M. Marquez


Lionel M. Marquez, President of Plant Solutions, began marketing plants while in Law School. His vision has always been, to start with, the highest quality possible plants and provide premium service. His leadership has put in place policies that guarantee they take as much care in shipping the order as in growing it. This has made Plant Solutions the source for quality foliage. Lionel’s leadership and high standards are felt throughout the company.
“I have learned that if you think like the customer, eliminating their problems while giving them
a complete quality product, you add value. When they look good, and their business performs,
we ultimately win.”

~ Lionel M. Marquez, President, Plant Solutions

Margaret Marquez


The decision-making role involves high-level strategies about policy and tactics. As a leader of the company, Margaret motivates employees and drives change within the organization.

David Velasquez

General Manager

Who better to manage the day-to-day work, than David Velasquez who has been in the business for over 20 years. David adds a wealth of knowledge of plants, raw goods, best growing practices, and management of field staff. David also coordinates the loading of all orders to ensure packaging and stacking are done efficiently and correctly. He makes sure the transport of the plants is as smooth as possible.

Vera Solano


From customer service, public relations, and managing administration, Vera is a crucial player on the Plant Solution team. Vera makes sure our books are balanced and that everything is under control. Vera has a high level of integrity and a fantastic understanding of numbers.

Vivian Villegas

Director of customer service

Streamlining all administrative processes and following through on details are Vivian’s hallmark. Her motto and business philosophy are “do it right the first time.” Vivian’s follow-through on serving the customer through simplified administration is key to this operation. She works directly with shipping, logistics, and quality control.  Vivian has her finger on the pulse of all aspects of the order process.